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GULF OF MEXICO - June 21, 2020 

Interested in wreck diving? Did you know that right in your backyard there are several wrecks, teeming with life and waiting for you!

Join Letts Dive!! as they partner with 2-Shea charters for a 3-tank dive wreck trek! 
 This all day charter will take us to three different wrecks : Sheridan, Blackthorn, & Sugar Barge.  If you want to complete a PADI Wreck Specialty you can do three of your dives during this charter!

$225 includes nitrox tanks, any other rental equipment can be arranged with Letts Dive!! prior to charter.  
$475 for charter & PADI Wreck Specialty certification.

Advanced Open Water and Enriched Air Certified 

The Sheridan was sunk off the coast of Clearwater as part of Florida's artificial reef program.  She is 180 feet long and sits fully upright with a maximum depth of around 80 feet.  Her deck is only 40 feet below the surface, and goliath grouper, barracuda, amberjack, triggerfish, and the occasional shark can be spotted here.  

The Blackthorn is one of the most popular dives in the Tampa area.  Located in 80 feet of water, this 180 foot Coast Guard Tender is broken into 2 large sections that lie upside down.  It collided with a large freighter and sank just west of the Skyway Bridge.  The ship was raised, but damage was too extensive, so it was sunk in the artificial reef system in 80 feet of water.  Goliath grouper, snapper, mackerel, and schools of spadefish call the Blackthorn home. 

The Regina wreck also known as the "Sugar Barge" wreck lies about 150 feet offshore in only 20 feet of water.  It sank in 1940, full of molasses, en route to New Orleans.  The high seas battered the ship until it cracked and broke apart and all but one person from the crew were rescued. From many species of fish to sea urchins, and even the odd dolphin, the Sugar Barge is an exciting shallow dive! 


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