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Are you in the market for a new regulator?! Why not get the best of the best? Letts Dive!! has some of these exclusive and very limited edition regulators in stock! 

Incredibly tough and stunningly beautiful, the ultra-exclusive T25 Limited-Edition Anniversary Regulator celebrates 25 years of superlative design, engineering and performance. Representing decades of breakthroughs—and breaking the rules—the T25 is a highly-evolved version of the iconic T3 all-Titanium regulator. But it’s designed using even more exotic processes, elevating it into “Diamond” status.

To start, Atomic Aquatics machined the T25 regulator from solid bars of Titanium Ti-6Al-4V alloy. After this initial phase, we plated it with a new proprietary diamond-like hardness coating (DLC), which, as a byproduct, produces a radiant, iridescent color sheen. For short, it is dubbed “Burnt Titanium” to reflect its stunningly beautiful, durable and unique finish.

The T25 Burnt Titanium finish is highly unique and no two regulators appear the same.
 Of course, it’s not really burned, but the T25’s coating does have a near Diamond-level super hardness that will perform in the water for years and years of use.  However, while the “Burnt Titanium” coating is very hard and can resist normal scratching from diving, it can be damaged, so be sure to avoid impact or excessive rubbing with pool decks, boat decks or swim steps.

Have we got your attention yet? Ultra-exclusive and beautiful design - CALL NOW TO GET YOURS! $2,799.95 

Remember this is a limited edition and very few quantities will be made, be the talk of the dive boat and get yours today!