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SlipIns Red Grouper Suit


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SlipIns Red Spotted Grouper DiveSkins are the world's finest sun protective swimwear with 60+ UPF and are made in America. This mermaid like dive suit is the closest thing to being a mermaid that a human can get. This skin is a tight fitting, full body lycra suit designed to make it much easier to slip in and out of a wetsuit-wet or dry. This UV sun protection is second to none. SlipIns DiveSkins have foot stirrups, thumb holes, and front zippers that make it easy to wear. This one piece body suit protects against Fire Coral and all other possible abrasions.  Our DiveSkins protect against all stinging ocean critters as well. SlipIns DiveSkins have lots of stretch for comfort and they dry quickly.  DiveSkins are perfect for scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, paddling, free diving, boating, or just enjoying your time in the water. 

In the Summer of 2019, the SlipIns Crew were on a live-a-board in the Maldives. Daily, fresh fish were caught to feed all onboard fantastic feasts.  One day, the catch included this gorgeous Red Spotted Grouper.  We photographed this beautiful pattern on the skin of the fish, and a year later, we present one of newest SlipIns patterns!