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Poseidon Blackline Mask

About Poseidon Black Line Mask

This ultra-low volume, matte black mask incorporates a unique, lightweight frameless design and a single lens with a slight downwards angle to provide an unprecedented field of vision combined with great comfort for most face types. Other masks give you a choice of low volume for easy clearance or a single lens for a greater field of vision. Poseidon's LVSL (Low-Volume Single-Lens) technology gives you the best of both worlds with easy-to-clear low volume and a single lens in one frameless package. The mask has a double feathered edge silicone rubber skirt. The head strap is also silicone and is a wide split style design. The double feathered edge and wide split strap combined for an excellent seal on the face. Mask is equipped with a large easy-to-reach nose pocket for ear equalization. The Poseidon Black Line Mask lens is made from safety tempered glass. Mask has easy adjust head strap buckles.