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OMS Tattoo Mask (Assorted Colors)

The OMS Tattoo Mask is a single lens frameless mask with an ultra low volume that includes an iron-free Ultra Clear lens and with an optional UV coating. The masks are available in either a standard or small size skirt to fit a wide variety of faces. The small size is not just a reduced dimensions version of the standard size, the small is actually a unique design that fits smaller faces very well.

The Ultra Clear lens offers an incredibly clear glass lens that provides the most clarity possible during your dives. During ordinary glass production, tiny metal particles such as iron remain within the glass. These impurities create a green tint in the lenses of ordinary masks and also slightly distorts the view through such lenses, especially in underwater low light conditions. The Ultra Clear lens in this mask is made of special impurity free glass and provides ultra-clear, distortion-free vision with maximum light transmission. Diving underwater it seems as if there was no lens in front of your eyes at all.

The UV coating option blocks ultraviolet (UV) radiation that has been linked to cataract formation and filters some of the blue light spectrum to provide a more soothing, comfortable viewing experience. From the point of view of others looking at the mask on the diver, they will see a reflection that shifts across the blue color portions of the spectrum depending on the viewing angle. However, looking from the divers point of view, the lens appear to be clear and visual perception benefits from the effect of the optical coating. However, as with all such light filtering coatings, the light-transmission properties are slightly reduced which means we don't recommend the UV coating for diving in low light conditions.

  • One lens frameless low volume design
  • Soft silicone body with a double silicone face skirt
  • Choose Ultra Clear or UV coated lens option
  • Choose your mask skirt size for optimal fit
  • Includes OMS hard case for protection and storage