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XS Lift Bag 100#

  • Highland by XS Scuba 100 Pound (45.4 kg) Lift Bag
  • 100 lbs (45.4 kg) of Positive Lift
  • Durable Urethane Coated Nylon Construction
  • "Anti-Spill" Bottom with Baffle for Easy Fill from Bottom
  • Anti-Spill BottomPrevent Dumping Air or Taking on Water when it Hits the Surface
  • Combination Oral / QD Inflator Hose Inflator
  • Over Pressure Relief Valve (OPV) with Manual Dump Cord
  • Lifting Strap with Stainless Steel D-Ring
  • Elastic Chemical Light Holder at Top
  • Stainless Steel D-Ring at Top for Attachment of Light or Strobe
  • Lifting Handle at Top
  • Includes 6.5" X 12" (16.5 x 30.5 cm) Mesh Carry Pouch
  • Pouch has Grommets for Back-Plate Attachment