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Miflex 30" HD HP Hose

Dive Gear weighs a lot and can get bulky. If there is a way to streamline it and make it weigh less it's a plus for the diver. Streamlining reduces water resistance, conserves air, and is less likely to get snagged on something. If your gear weighs less it's easier to transport to and from the boat or dive site, and with weight restrictions when we fly every ounce (gram) counts. XS Scuba's MiFlex High Pressure (HP) Carbon Hoses address both these issues. Hose is 35% thinner than traditional rubber HP hoses 0.3" (7.8mm), this streamlined design lowers your profile, reducing water resistance, is less likely to snag and helps conserve air due to less effort when fining. Hose is 50% lighter than traditional rubber hoses measuring 32" (81.3cm) in length, less weigh, better travel and transport.

The new graphite carbon color hoses are factory cleaned and Nitrox ready with Viton O-rings out-of-the-box. Hoses have a durable abrasion resistant nylon exterior layer. High pressure gauge hose is a lightweight, pliable pressure gauge hose that provide a much more enjoyable Scuba experience. The hoses are durable, compact and much easier to pack in a regulator bag than a traditional rubber hose. Hoses are equipped with standard 7/16-20 UNF male and 7/16-20 UNF female threaded ends. Hose fittings are made from durable corrosion resistant marine grade brass with electro-less nickel plating and the swivel end has a 0.55" (14mm) deep air-spool well.

The XS Scuba MiFlex Carbon HP Hoses are available in multiple lengths to fit every diver's needs. If you're looking for a short hose for use with a pony or stage bottle, or standard and extended lengths, there's one to suit you. Hoses are available in 6", 24", 30", 32", 36", 40" and 48" (15.2cm, 61cm, 76.2cm, 81.3cm, 91.4cm, 101.6cm and 121.9cm) lengths. Hose have a working pressure of 4,500 psi (300 bars) and a burst pressure of 29,000 psi (2,000 bars).