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Yellow Octopus Holder with Clip

Yellow Octopus Holder Clip. Don't destroy the environment and expensive equipment with the Aqua Rubber Octo Holder. Keeping your octopus regulator available and close at hand is a matter of safety. The Rubber Octo Holders are made from durable rubber, plastic and steel. The rubber keeper wraps around the octopus regulator mouthpiece for positive retention, yet will not interfere with the use of the mouthpiece in an out-of-air-emergency. The durable plastic 360° swivel locking gate clip with steel wire lock attaches to your BCD or harness for secure retention.
    • Keeps Octopus Secure and Ready
    • Corrosion Resistant Design
    • Fits Most All Mouthpieces
    • Non-Corrosive Plastic Clip w/Wire Locking Gate for Attachment to Gear
    • Clip has 360° Swivel
    • Durable Rubber Mouthpiece Holder