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Letts Dive!! is proud to offer repairs
for equipment of all types.

Tank Services 
Air Fill 80/100/120 $8.50/$10.00/$12.50
Nitrox Fill 80/100/120 $12.50/$15.00/$17.50
Visual Inspection Air Tank w fill $23.50/$25.00/$27.50
Visual Inspection Nitrox Tank w fill $27.50/$30.00/$32.50
Hydro Test with VIP and Fill $55.00/$56.50/$59.00
Hydro Test with VIP and Nitrox Fill $59.00/$61.50/$64.00
Valve Inspection $20
Valve Rebuild (parts extra) $25
Tank Tumble $25
Nitrox/02 Cleaning (Alum/Steel) $30

Regulator/BCD Services
Annual Inspection 1st, 2nd Comp Battery/Check Inflator $100
Regulator First Stage $35
Regulator Second Stage $35
Regulator Octopus $35
BCD with Standard Inflator $25
BCD with Integrated Inflator $55
BCD Inspection $10

Guardian Full Face Mask Services 
Guardian Full Face Mask Annual  $190
Ambient Breathing Valve Service $52
Head Harness Replacement $66
Visor Replacement $52
Visor with Ambient Breathing Valve $250

Don't trust just anybody to repair your gear!
At Letts Dive!!, we perform all of our services in compliance with the manufacturers' stipulations and requirements.
We are so confident in our work that we offer a 90-day service labor warranty on our repairs!

Call the shop to book a service appointment.