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Join our very own John Mowrey, "The King of the Springs" 
Rainbow River Night Drift Dive 
September 30th, 2023
6:30 PM 

Looking for a leisurely and easy night dive! Look no further than our Rainbow River night dive!! Drift down the Rainbow River at around 25 feet for about an hour!
The river is about 72 degrees F, you should wear a 3mm wetsuit to maximize your underwater time!  The visibility can be 150+ feet and you will clearly see the wonderful array of flora and organisms both big and small! The river moves at about 1.5 knots and 400-600 million gallons of water are discharged into the river daily!

Each diver needs two lights - primary and backup, as well as a tank light. Each buddy group will also need a SMB.  Big Blue Lights are discounted 10% if you sign up.  Check out the Big Blue combo pack that comes with 2 lights and a reusable tank light!
The captain will take us up the river in the boat, nothing to be left behind on the boat, bring only what you need to dive!

Parking lot is the dirt lot across from the boat ramp - you can drop your gear off at the ramp.  No facilities will be open since the park will be closed. We will be meeting at 6:30 pm with a dive briefing by John shortly before 7pm, when we will take the boat up the river! 

$60 includes your transportation up the river, and dive guide! 
This is a great opportunity to try night diving.  Dive local and see what the springs have to offer! 

Click here to sign up!