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Check out our holiday specials - great deals that cannot be beat!! Some with validity through January 2021! 
Do you shopping at Letts Dive!! and get rewarded! Discounts cannot be combined or used with other offers.

Gift cards - get 5% more than purchased value during the month of December (valid in-store only)

25% off Big Blue Dive Lights 1200/450 combo packs starting November 17th

Give the gift of a Dive Class referral - $50 for you and $100 off personal gear purchases for a friend - valid through January 1st

25% off SlipIns - valid through January 1st

30% off Sharkskin products - hats, tops, pants, socks, hoods

10% off Letts Dive Hats - great stocking stuffer

10% off all wetsuits and exposure protection - valid through January 1st

35% off DUI Drysuits for Divemasters or Instructors - some conditions apply

FREE air fills and VIPS during the entire month of December (limit 2 per person)

Get your regulators in for service - it's getting colder after all - all regulator servicing during the month of December will be entered into a drawing for a 100% refund (applicable to OMS, Poseidon, Atomic, Zeagle, Tusa, XS Scuba Brawn) 

10% off Specialty Classes valid through January 31st

If your holiday purchases total :
$500 - get a gift card for $37.50
$1000 - get a gift card for $75
$1500 - $3000 - get a gift card totaling 10% of your purchases
$3000 - $5000 - get a gift card totaling 15% of your purchases

If you are a returning customer that has already spent over $1500 at the store prior to the holiday season - get a gift card totaling 15% of your spend

Package deals on Courses : 
$474 Open Water Diver & Nitrox if equipment purchased with us
$999 Advanced Open Water & Rescue Diver (valid November and December)
$1500 Divemaster and you qualify for Keyman purchases from us
$799 Master Diver Specialty pack (5 specialties)

Last, but definitely not least, we will be giving anyone who spends $100 or more in the shop a Red Envelope!  No peaking! In January, bring it back into the store UNOPENED to see what your prize is - regulators, free air fills, and free classes are all very tantalizing possibilities - so do your holiday shopping at Letts Dive!!