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Dive the beautiful Gulf of Mexico with Letts Dive!!

Letts Dive partners with 2Shea Charters to bring you the best diving in the Gulf - because "Deep Down, We Care!"

Diving with Letts Dive!! & 2Shea Charters : 
Home to one of the country's largest artificial reef programs, our dive sites in the Gulf hold an assortment of life that make every dive exciting! It's not uncommon to be joined by pods of playful dolphins on your ride out to the dive sites! With 2Shea's captains at the helm and the Letts Dive!! crew to help you with your gear, you will cruise your way into the Gulf of Mexico, listening to Sirius XM Radio and relaxing in a bean bag chair! Once at anchor, dive in to see the plentiful life including turtles, tangs, queen angels, eagle rays, goliath groupers, and schools of amberjack! 

(Airplane Barge)

What's provided : 
-In-water dive guide

What you should bring: 
-Other drinks/snacks
-Reef safe sun-screen (Stream2Sea available at Letts Dive!!)

Please don't bring unnecessary valuables with you! Your bags will be stored once you get all your gear out below deck.  

The boat address is 198 Seminole St, Clearwater 33755. When you pull in proceed all the way to the end. You will see boat ramps on your left and a grey bait building on your right just after KSK marina. Right as you pass the grey bait shop, on your right you will see a long fence. Park in front of it and you can load your gear and bring it inside the gate. This is our meet spot. We will bring the boat around to the floating dock here. You may rent gear from Letts Dive prior to dive. You will need to pay to park at the machine.  You can park anywhere that does not specify vehicles with trailers.  

RETURN POLICY: If a charter is cancelled by Letts Dive!! because of weather or other circumstance, purchasers will be refunded the full amount of the charter. If the purchaser doesn't show up, or cancels on their own, no refunds will be given.

Rental Gear NOT included in this price. Please give Letts Dive a call to reserve.

Choose your date below & CLICK on the image below to reserve your spot!