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September 26th, 2020 @ 7:30 PM
Join #eastcoasterin as we team up with Pura Vida Divers to do a Blackwater Drift Dive!  This one tank night dive will showcase all the critters that come out from the depths every night in search of food! 
We dive Black Water drift dives to witness them.  See breathtaking bioluminescent creatures, jellies, squid, and the larvae stages of many reef creatures.  This is a photographer's dream as you can capture some of the rare, yet stunning night time creatures! 

$110 for a one tank dive - air tank is included! Minimum level of certification is Advanced Open Water or you must have your Night Specialty certification. Each diver must have primary light, backup light, and glow stick for tank.

 Any rental needs can be arranged with Letts Dive prior to the dives.   

Sign-up here : 

This is also an excellent opportunity to begin your night dive specialty.

Sign up for Night Specialty here :