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Dive the Florida Springs with the King of the Springs, John Mowrey! 

Have you ever wondered what it is like to dive in the Florida Springs?  Our state has many of the best springs for diving in the United States, and several of them are not far from St. Pete! What's better than diving local?!  No airplanes or long flights necessary! 

Letts Dive!! will be organizing monthly trips to the springs where you can experience beautiful freshwater diving with our very own King of the Springs, John Mowrey! John has thousands of dives in our springs, and will show you all they have to offer!  Open Water divers are welcome! This is a great opportunity to experience diving in the springs!  You will need to bring your gear, tanks and dive lights.  

Manatee Springs State Park - November 12th, 2023 
Dive Catfish hotel and Manatee Springs, located near Chiefland in Manatee Springs State Park! Catfish hotel is an off-set sink hole of about 125 feet across at its widest point.  The north side is a slightly overhanging wall that drops to depths of about 50 ft at the large cavern entrance.   The top of the sink hole is covered in lily pads, but you are in for a spectacular view once you descend into the clear water!  We will be doing two dives.  Dives lights are required.  There is no onsite dive shop, so make sure you have all your gear!  Rentals are available at the shop!  $6 entrance fee to the state park.  

Paradise Springs - January 6th, 2024
Paradise Spring is located near Ocala. The huge cavern area with prehistoric fossils embedded in the walls makes every dive at Paradise Springs interesting and enjoyable.  The strata of prehistoric limestone that was once beneath the sea are clearly visible as you make your way around the large water filled room and at every turn more fossils are revealed! Clear water and constant 72 degree water temperature makes this dive great at any time of the year!  There is a $30 entrance fee to get into Paradise Springs and you must have a dive light.  There are no air fills or dive shop on site, so make sure you have everything you need.  Rentals available at Letts Dive!!

Ichetucknee Springs - February 10th, 2024
Although well-known for its warm weather tubing, Ichetucknee Springs State Park, located near Fort White, is a 2,669-acre wildlife haven where beaver, otter, gar, softshell turtle, wild turkey, wood duck and limpkin all find a home. The main draw is the park’s eight major crystal-clear springs that join to create the 6-mile Ichetucknee River.  The upper portion within the state park is a National Natural Landmark, perhaps the most pristine spring run in the state! We will be diving at the Blue Spring Hole located within the park.  Blue Hole spring is a first magnitude spring that pumps over 67 million gallons of water per day. Depth in the center of the spring reaches near 40 feet (fluctuates based on water levels). There is no dive shop on site, so make sure to have your tanks and gear ready to go!  Rentals available at Letts Dive!! $6 entry fee to the park.